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A Tale of Two CSPs: Aria Solves for Dramatically Different Telecom Use Cases

Ruth Bennett

9 May 2024

Every business is unique. No two companies need and use technology the same way. Multiple companies operating within the same industry can, theoretically, select the same software solution or technology platform from the exact same vendor and deploy it with contrasting motivations and objectives.

In engagements with two prominent telecommunications customers, Aria has been able to successfully implement its cloud billing platform to deliver the vastly different, and often contradictory, business and strategic objectives of each.

In the first case, a very large provider of B2B telecommunication services for enterprise, retail, and business customers wanted to reduce what had become an expansive and complex maze of products, services, and payment structures. With a customer roster of large, multi-faceted users with many lines of business, it was common for the same customer to have multiple payment terms for the different products and services consumed. Rather than managing more than 50 contract variations supported by more than 80 different sets of payment terms, the operator partnered with Aria to consolidate, standardize, and introduce a higher degree of automation.

At the opposite end of the complexity spectrum, a B2C retail provider of mobile and broadband services operating in one of the most fiercely competitive telecommunications markets in the world sought to increase revenue generated per user and enhance subscriber loyalty by introducing hyper-personalized subscriber experiences. This particular CSP wanted to dramatically expand the range of products and service options available to subscribers, offering them the freedom to build their own mobile plans and select from a wide range of billing options. The company also wanted to empower customers to formulate and manage plans on their own, to avoid accruing incremental support and service-related costs.

The circumstances and business objectives could not have been more distinct. One CSP customer with fewer but larger customers was eager to reduce complexity and consolidate. The other saw the expansion of offerings and payment options as an avenue to increasing revenue and gaining a competitive advantage. Aria’s agile cloud billing solution was up to the task in both scenarios.

After developing a successful proof of concept for the enterprise CSP, Aria implemented its cloud-based billing system and moved the operator to a digital stack. In doing so, the customer has been able to successfully simplify product offerings and billing models. The agility of Aria also enabled the CSP to implement and utilize the platform alongside its two homegrown legacy systems, which remain necessary for securing and managing larger contracts. The company is now expanding Aria into other business segments.

For the consumer focused CSP, the implementation of Aria was part of a broader and highly successful digital transformation across the business. With Aria as a prominent part of the CSP’s new best-of-breed, cloud-native BSS infrastructure, subscribers are now building their own plans and choosing from any number of pricing packages, all without having to engage a service representative. Tangentially, the ability of in-house teams to manage the Aria platform has enabled the CSP to reduce dependency on external systems integrators.

Successful BSS technology providers are those whose platforms and solutions can flex to accommodate a variety of requirements, no matter how distinct they may be. Aria demonstrated how the flexibility of its cloud-based billing platform could meet each customer’s unique billing and subscriber management needs.

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Ruth Bennett

Director of Content and Digital Marketing, Aria Systems. Ruth leads Aria’s content strategy and oversees the distribution of content via various digital channels. Ruth has 8 years of experience in the billing and monetization space, and previously spent several years in the publishing and education industries.

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