Aria systems’ esg policy

Corporate Responsibility

As a fast-growing company, Aria strives to use its technology and energy to support and drive its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, and in doing so, contribute to a society with environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance. We continue to pursue new opportunities to contribute to these goals and implement concrete targets and measurements of attainment and progress.

Environmental objectives

Aria’s technology solutions help our customers generate low-carbon economic growth while at the same time evolving Aria’s people and systems operations to reduce their use of natural resources and thus contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Minimize our own environmental impact

We operate our technology in shared services environments rather than in our own, which minimizes the use of resources. Further, we deploy efficient low energy personal computing devices and encourage remote work and meetings to reduce pollution resulting from commuting and travel.

Contribute to our customers' efficiency scale

We help companies globally to transform and reinvent their businesses by harnessing the power of technology and reducing paper, wasted time and the inordinate use of resources by simplifying and automating processes.

Climate change

We are aware of the need to contribute to the reduction of energy and wasted resources and are continuously implementing ways to run our business in more environmentally responsible ways.

Environmental air pollution

We run our business uniquely aware of the threats to the environment. We avoid and continue to phase out business practices that add to pollution and unnecessarily use natural resources.

Hazardous & toxic material management

We avoid and do not directly use hazardous or toxic materials in the operation of our business.

Natural resources management & use

We avoid the use of natural resources that cannot easily be recycled or repurposed, such as plastic bottles and printer ink.

Social objectives

Aria strives to develop and nurture its talent with high standards of ethical conduct and compliance with external requirements. We encourage individuality, and offer the freedom to evolve and grow with challenge and without burden or restraint.

Ethical use of technologies

We have very firm rules in our contractual agreements regarding the fair and legal use of our technology to ensure proper deployment in full compliance with all legal and social covenants.

Driving a diverse and inclusive workforce

Our hiring policy is designed to seek out qualified candidates without discrimination to ensure a balanced and inclusive workforce that is provided with the opportunity to grow with accountability and excel in jobs in diverse functions and geographical settings.

Work health & safety

We have a number of policies and benefits in place that ensure the health of our employees and provide a safe workplace.

Human rights and labor practices

We have policies in place that ensure the fair and equitable treatment of our employees and the employees of our customers and suppliers.

Regulatory compliance

We are highly regulated and design our systems and employee access policies with that in mind. Further, we have policies in place to ensure compliance with laws dealing with bribery, discrimination and export controls.

Community involvement

We encourage employees to achieve a good life work balance and ensure they have time for family, recreation and social causes by offering flexible work and time off schedules.

Consumer and product safety

We strive to put customer data and its security before all else and invest in user-friendly data access under strict user access controls.

Employee protective policies

We have several policies in place that ensure a healthy workplace that is free from harassment and bullying. Comprehensive health insurance coverage provides employees with the ability to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Work environment

We encourage employees to balance work and life through a sensible office and remote work policy that preserves efficiency and accountability but serves the Company’s needs.


Using open communication, broad employee communication, written updates, and All-Hands meetings, we foster a culture of self-empowerment tied to accountability so we can offer a highly rated work environment in parallel to driving commercial success.

Governance objectives

Aria strives to provide its customers with technology solutions governed by high standards of ethics, accountability and security.

Efficiency, costs, supply chain and environmental risks

We strive to run our business with an increasingly high level of efficiency and scalability, creating a long term foundation to serve our customers.

Protect and secure private data, infrastructure and identity

We operate highly reliable systems and technology infrastructures to secure personal and business data. We obtain periodic certifications such as PCI and SOC through rigorous audits and testing of our systems.

Audits and accounting systems

We use commercially recognized, true and tested systems to run our business, assuring sustained security and reliability and providing confidence to our customers and investors.

Board structure

Our Board is made up of executives, founders, investors and independents, which make for a balanced and independent forum of company oversight.

Independence and accountability

We use independent auditors, valuation firms and market analysts to validate our financial performance, strategy and position in the industry relative to our peers, and to affirm the contribution we make to our customers’ businesses.

Ethics and code of conduct

We have developed a code of ethics for our employees and management to adhere to in the interest of fair and equitable business practices.

ESG management practices & processes

Two senior executives on the management team are assigned to further the Company’s ESG policies and objectives.

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