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Increase back-office automation and streamline every aspect of revenue recognition with Aria Revenue.

Automate revenue
recognition compliance

The deluge of regulatory complexity such as ASC606/IFRS15, SEC Oversight, and performance obligations is increasing. The business environment is changing with a shift to optimize the monetization of client relationships, adopt subscriptions, and migrate to consumption-based business models. Current solutions which use spreadsheets, private customized platforms, or solutions that lack integration or automation will not perform in this challenging environment.

Aria Revenue helps enterprises comply with increasingly complex revenue recognition regulations. Aria Revenue is ERP/accounting-platform agnostic, automates revenue recognition policy, and eliminates customizations and manual steps from the order-to-revenue recognition process.


Transform revenue recognition

Eliminate ineffective workarounds

Aria Revenue is an automated, cloud-based solution that eliminates spreadsheets and workarounds, reduces human errors, and increases the agility of your back office.

Automate complex processes

Automate your most complex revenue management processes so your finance team can focus their skills on strategic analytics tasks – confident that day-to-day tactical functions are being executed efficiently, accurately and compliantly.

Integrate with existing systems

Easily integrate with your existing ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems so you can implement the most robust revenue management without the need for large
platform customization or replacement.

Enterprise-level robust automation

Introduce sophisticated, automated functionality to streamline the revenue recognition process, automate the complex requirements of ASC 606 and advance your path toward continuous accounting.


Evolving revenue recognition

Achieve compliance

Systematize compliance with proactive enforcement of complex revenue recognition accounting guidance.

Factor the accounting

Automatically calculate complex accounting, including allocation, scheduling recognition of revenue, carve-outs, triggers, and more.

Multiple policy support

Automatically enforce two or more revenue policies, including ASC-605, IAS-08, ASC-606/IFRS 15, non-GAAP, management, reporting, and what-if books.

Integration with ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with billing, ERP and financial systems to provide a complete revenue management solution that addresses all aspects of revenue in one place.

Strong security and controls

Control who can view and edit transactional data and recognition policies at every level of the application with granular settings.

Automate compliance

Automate all aspects of ASC 606, including complex contract modifications and combinations, revaluation of variable consideration, materials rights, significant finance components, and more.

Industry Perspective

The new revenue recognition accounting standard

“Fully embracing the new guidelines will require heavy lifting and in-the-trenches coordination across multiple fronts with big needs extending from IT to tax to reporting strategy.”

The new revenue recognition accounting standard: Understanding the cross-organizational impacts.

“We captured an opportunity to operationalize the new revenue recognition guidance with automation that advanced our existing process.”

Sue Chaplin Herb, SVP of Finance and Reporting, AEG

“Aria’s cloud billing platform is a critical component of our digital transformation that will enable us to achieve our revenue growth objectives. Throughout the evaluation process, Aria met all of our functionality requirements, and the team was highly organized and detailed. Once implemented, the platform will allow us to continue to provide an enhanced level of service to our existing customers while growing our business through new offerings and billing models.”

Group Finance Director

One of Europe’s Largest Membership Associations Selects Aria Systems’ Billing and Monetization Platform as Part of Digital Transformation

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