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Extend your product offering with partner and marketplace products to grow your bottom line.

Harness partners to grow

Ecommerce activity continues to grow across both B2B and B2C business models, driven in large part by online marketplaces. Many businesses are finding their current systems are not equipped to handle subscriptions and usage-based services from partners and marketplaces efficiently or at scale.

Aria Marketplace enables B2B and B2C marketplace providers to manage partnered subscriptions and usage-based services efficiently. It increases flexibility, offers an easy onboarding experience for partners and delivers a comprehensive set of product and revenue management tools for operators while ensuring a seamless billing and payments experience for end customers.


Why Aria Marketplace

Bundle multiple vendors’ products with yours

Operate a B2B or B2C marketplace by bundling your products with offers from multiple vendors.

Speed up partner creation and updates

Manage partner products alongside your own.
Codify the rules of the game. Provide partners with customer information and purchase history.

Many services on a single bill

Satisfy customers’ desires to have just one bill. Provide a fully interactive bill experience so they can understand and manage their costs.

Coordinate back-office operations

Introduce new bundles, facilitate approval processes and balance automation with quality.

Automate revenue sharing

Define rules for revenue sharing with splits and thresholds, automate calculation, and communicate to stakeholders.

Manage provision, delivery and actions

Automate provisioning and communications to customers. Respond to lifecycle changes like upgrades and free-trial rollovers. Communicate with clarity to customers and partners.

Offer usage-based services for growth

Customers want to pay only for the services they consume. Support pay-as-you-go and consumption-based pricing models.

Case Study

Smartmart by FirstEnergy

FirstEnergy launched a marketplace of home products and services to enhance their customers’ lifestyle.

• Subscription and recurring services
• Whole home protection
• Smart home products and internet
• Voice and video services

FirstEnergy selected Aria as the billing engine to support recurring billing and subscription management and integration into an eCommerce storefront.

“Aria’s billing platform is part of our new eCommerce venture, FirstEnergy Home, which is designed to offer residential customers a range of subscription and recurring services, including whole home protection, smart home products and internet, voice and video services.”

Rick Charles, Systems Manager

FirstEnergy Selects Aria Systems’ Billing and Monetization Platform for Its New eCommerce Initiative, FirstEnergy Home


Aria Marketplace

Partner portal

Create and manage product offers. Manage descriptions and brand presence as well as communication protocols. Access product and customer purchase history.

Product catalog approval

Choose the approval process for partner product intro and updates. Approve, notify and publish for instant availability.

Revenue share calculator

Define revenue sharing arrangements, calculate remittance due, and enact payments or credits.

Partner purchase notification

Orchestrate provisioning, entitlement, activation and fulfillment, and manage communications to people and systems.


If it can be measured, Aria can bill for it. Load data from multiple partner sources at a frequency you need. Connect existing usage-processing applications.

analyst Viewpoint

11 Imperatives When Building an Enterprise Marketplace Business

“By 2023, at least 70% of the enterprise marketplaces launched will serve B2B transactions.”

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