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Aria Bill Portal

Provide interactive bill management, cost control and transparency, which develop loyalty and trust, to ensure payment and increase spend.

Aria Bill Portal

Turn your bill into an asset

Aria Bill Portal enables enterprises to create positive experiences throughout the billing journey. It ensures complete symbiosis between your offline and online bill communications and has been proven to decrease your operational costs while increasing your customers’ online engagement and satisfaction.

With Aria Bill Portal, complex customers, such as large enterprises, family groups, partners and governments, can analyze, approve, pay and dispute all their bills and charges digitally, including pro-forma and e-invoice bills.


Why Aria Bill Portal

Smart products

Deliver the ultimate customer experience

Provide customers up-to-date information on all things related to the bill – from detailed breakdown to contracted information. Adapt to their information needs. Service business and family groups effortlessly.

Digitalize and be sustainable

Move away from paper to support digital transformation within your organization. Become more environmentally friendly, too.

Reduce service costs

Billing inquiries are typically the largest source of service center calls and customer frustration. Reduce the number of service desk calls by enabling customers to analyze, raise disputes or pay their bill.

Reduce operational costs

Allow customers to self-assess their expenses and manage their cost and cost allocation. Decrease your operational costs when managing large clients and your customers’ operational costs when dealing with large bills.

Consolidate all billing to one bill

If Aria is complementing other billing solutions, consolidate all bill data into one bill to your customer.

Assure revenue and get paid faster

With instant bills and continuous engagement – monthly or transactional – lower bill shock and expect to get paid faster and on time.

Differentiate to win large contracts

Position premium features like expense management and e-invoice compliance to win large enterprise and government contracts.

case study

Belgian telecom operator

Aria Bill Portal helps the operator’s automobile fleet customers to easily track mobile usage within their companies and adjust usage where necessary. See all the information you need via any device in the blink of an eye.

• Telecom expense management
• Usage analysis
• Cost allocation
• Dispute management


Aria Bill Portal Enables

Electronic bill presentment

One UX, one UI and one portal allow customers to view, analyze and process their bills. See what they see. Bill information from different billing systems comes together in one user-friendly, interactive online portal. WCAG 2.1 compliant.

Expense management

Large customers typically receive bills that can consist of hundreds of pages. Expense management provides them the tooling to analyze these complex bills, which can be a competitive differentiator in winning large contracts.

E-invoicing directive compliance

Support the Directive 2014/55/EU standard for e-invoicing. Start sending out UBL 2.1 bills through e-invoicing via a secure sender. This European initiative is becoming a global initiative.

Open API integration

Integrate with other billing solutions alongside Aria. This allows the consistent consolidation of all billing information for your entire customer base. This also allows the raising of disputes, approvals and payments back into Aria billing and monetization or other workflow or billing solutions.

case study

Dutch provider supports their channel partners

This company supports their channel partners as part of their B2B2X business model with Aria. Their channel partners can manage their own customer engagement and inquiry with:

• Bill inquiry and settlement
• Bill mirroring (we see what you see)
• Partner dispute management

“We captured an opportunity to operationalize the new revenue recognition guidance with automation that advanced our existing process.”

Sue Chaplin Herb, SVP of Finance and Reporting, AEG

Analyst Viewpoint

Reduce customer effort

“Effort is the strongest driver to customer loyalty.”

“94% of customers with low-effort interactions intend to repurchase.”

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